Top 3 Best 24 Foot Round Winter Pool Cover in 2022- [Tested & Recommended]

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Are you one of those online shoppers who can’t wait to buy the Best 24 foot round winter pool cover?

Well, there are many pool cover options available, but how do you know that you are actually getting the right item and don’t fall in love with something you won’t be using.

One of the reasons people search online is that they not only find the best pool cover, but they also learn the important features to consider.

Top 3 Best 24 Foot Round Winter Pool Cover

The ranking of the most interesting pool covers moves on a double track that combines product reliability with a cost that is adequate for the cost and quality of the proposal.

Among the 3 proposals, the best covers have been included, both among those sold online and designed to respond to the different shapes and structures of the swimming pool.

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: Robelle 5724-4-ROB Winter Round Above-Ground Pool Cover

Attention to materials and simple management of positioning. In these two aspects, we see the quality of a brand that has worked to support users throughout the year, including winter.

The high-strength polyethylene proves to be elastic enough to wrap a circular-shaped inflatable pool.

Following the shapes and with the presence of some small holes in the upper part. This choice is motivated by the need to drain the water.

In case of rain so that it does not accumulate on the covering surface going to bury it.

Thanks to a rope that moves along the entire diameter, it is possible to close and fix the cloth in an intuitive way and without particular worries of mind.

The presence of the holes was not appreciated by everyone, especially those who want to keep the water perfectly isolated from any external contact.

The new cover model for your pool could be the one proposed by Robelle.

The low price and ease of use are elements that have won a large number of positive opinions.

Quick Short Details

  • The Size of Robelle 5724-4-ROB is 24-ft. Pool cover.
  • It has 7 different Colors.
  • Robelle 5724-4-ROB pool cover used Polyethylene Material.
  • Its Brand name is Robelle.

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2. Best Multi-purpose: Blue Wave Bronze Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

Those who aim for savings and the ability to keep a swimming pool in the garden clean and well-insulated will find in the Blue Wave Bronze proposal an adequate response to these needs.

The structure is made of polyethylene, with a weight that remains adequate for even single management of the issue.

It should be noted that the cost of sale has left pleasantly satisfied those who like a cover that does its best for an above-ground pool.

In the central part, there are also safety holes, also suitable in case of rain to prevent water from accumulating, creating depression and unpleasant formation of puddles.

Below we summarize the main features of the model just seen and we propose the link where to buy the coverage at the best price.

Quick Short Details

  • Its Brand name is Blue Wave.
  • The Size of the Blue Wave Above Ground Pool Winter Cover is 24-Feet.
  • Its Color is Dark Navy Blue.
  • Blue Wave pool cover used Polyethylene Material.
  • Dimensions is 21 x 5 x 17 inches.
  • Weight 10.83 pounds.

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3. Best Budget: Robelle 3524-4 Winter Round Above-Ground Pool Cover

Versatility and practicality of use are the winning cards of the cloth proposed here.

The high capacity with which it makes the water flow by diverting it in other directions makes it support for swimming pools but not only.

Many have decided to use it in other contexts as well.

Some users, while appreciating the thickness and size superior to the rest of other covers, have had something to say about the management of the eyelets and the winding.

Especially as regards dimensions of a certain size. On the other hand, for the most part, positive results in terms of sealing over time and effectiveness in the protective action.

The large availability of sizes and the quality of the materials with which it is made make this cover the reference choice for many buyers who are willing to spend a little more in exchange for the best quality.

Quick Short Details

  • Its Brand name is Robelle.
  • The Size of the Robelle Above Ground Pool Winter Cover is 24-Feet.
  • Its Color is 01 – Super.
  • Robelle 3524-4 pool cover used Polyethylene Material.
  • Dimensions is 28 x 28 x 1 inches.
  • Weight 12 pounds.

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User Buying Guide

User Buying Guide 24 Foot Round Winter Pool Cover


So how to choose a good pool cover? To answer this question, you need to take a small step back and understand what you really need.

In fact, some essential characteristics forcefully force you to focus on a circular roof or instead choose a square or rectangular, or round shape.

The accurate knowledge of the precise measurement is a duty that the user cannot and must not avoid.

For this reason, it is also useful to understand how much room for movement.

You can have it once the cover is placed over the part of the pool you want to protect.

Comparing the measures, therefore, seems to us a fundamental step and a necessary consideration that anticipates the comparison of the lowest prices.

Better to inquire first and minimize any surprises.

Quality and materials

The products of the best brand allow or should allow adequate management of the support, with a good level of external protection which corresponds to an impeccable internal performance and effectiveness.

Typically, PVC is one of the most popular choices, creating a functional combination of simple assembly and low cost.

For those who have more particular needs, the choice should fall on the type in which the coverlets the pool “breathe”.

So to speak, with a structure that lets chlorine vapors filter and blocks UVA rays coming from the outside.

The protection of the water from external agents and the functioning of the filtering system also benefit in the long term.


If you are looking for the best 24 foot round winter pool cover, then by reading this article you must know which one is best for you.

We have mentioned three products in this article. We will recommend the “Robelle 5724-4-ROB Winter Round Above-Ground Pool Cover”.

You buy it because it is the best. And you can also buy one of the next two (Blue Wave Bronze Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover) if you want. Those are also good.

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