Top 3 Best Roof Rack for Mazda cx 5 [Buying Guide]-2022

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When it is time to go on vacation, or even just to transport some particularly bulky object that does not find space in the trunk.

A good solution to these problems is the roof bars to be installed on the roof of your car.

In this article, we include the Best roof rack for Mazda cx 5.

A model defined as “universal” is the Mazda Genuine Roof Rack which is useful for transporting surfboards, canoes, and other holiday items without damaging them.

They are easily installed on any car with just one fixing strap.

High-end, 4 PC All Black Roof Bar for Mazda, which is aerodynamic, quiet when traveling, inspired by airplane wings.

They are made of aluminum and are offered in different sizes.

Top 3 Best roof racks for Mazda cx 5

1. Mazda Genuine Roof Rack for Mazda cx 5 – Best Overall

Mazda Genuine Roof Rack is a very famous and recognized brand for the quality of its roof bars and shells to be installed in combination with them.

And the Mazda Genuine roof bars are also among the best-selling and popular among motorists. This is mainly due to their aerodynamics.

And therefore to the very little noise, they create when traveling due to the air that goes against the bars.

Assembly is also facilitated by an extremely low weight, thanks to the use of aluminum as the main material.

Finally, users also like it for its elegant and sober design that gives the car a nice appearance.

Some users complain about the instructions, sparse and not exhaustive for a quick assembly.

Quick Short Details

  • The brand name is Mazda Genuine.
  • Aluminum: The use of this material for their realization allows you to have light bars and is undoubtedly also beautiful to see on the roof of your car.
  • Silent: Thanks to the presence of a special rubber insert to be applied on the channel. Mazda Genuine has made these roof bars very silent less than the old model.
  • Its weight is ‎11.43 pounds.
  • The dimensions of the Mazda Genuine Roof Rack are 47.25 x 9.5 x 7.5 inches.

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2. 4 PC All Black Roof Bar for Mazda cx 5 – Best Multi-Purpose

The best-selling 4 PC All Black Roof Bar for Mazda are those proposed by HEKA, with the 120 cm model.

They are suitable Mazda. Despite being made of aluminum, like most roof bars, this particular model is approved to carry a maximum load of 165 Pounds.

The assembly is considered by users who have purchased them quite simply.

The design goes well with the rest of the car and even if they have a standard size they are only suitable for the 4 PC All Black.

The price is not particularly high and is in line with other universal roof bars.

Therefore, the choice of this model, if you own the Mazda described above, is advisable, since as mentioned the price is comparable to a universal model

Quick Short Details

  • Price/quality: The cost of these roof bars is in line with the universal ones. But if you own a 4 PC All Black Roof the best choice is this model, perfect from all points of view.
  • Load: The material with which these roof bars are made is aluminum, but the maximum load is well beyond the average, that is, it reaches 165 Pounds.
  • Assembly: According to the opinions of users, assembly on a 4 PC All Black Roof Bar is very simple and fast, since there are also the necessary hooks for installation.
  • Its weight is ‎11.43 pounds.
  • The dimensions of the Mazda Genuine Roof Rack are 47.25 x 9.5 x 7.5 inches.

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3. YiXi-Partswell 4Pcs Roof Bars Fit for Mazda – Best Budget

YiXi-Partswell roof bars are designed to be installed on the Mazda, a type of car that is well suited for this accessory.

The YiXi-Partswell bars are black in color and look good when installed on the car roof.

Their feature most highlighted by motorists who have bought them is the extreme simplicity of assembly (and relative disassembly).

By themselves and in a few minutes they are fixed to the Mazda and are ready to use when it is necessary to transport loads up to 75KG/165LB without any kind of problem.

Their length is standard for the car for which they are proposed, so they cannot be adapted to other types of vehicles.

Quick Short Details

  • Savings: If you need roof bars Fit for Mazda, by purchasing this model proposed by Fit for Mazda you can save almost 50% compared to the price at which the original ones are sold.
  • Immediately ready: Users who have purchased them are happy with the time required for assembly on the car, estimated in a few minutes if you have good dexterity.
  • Color: The black color of these roof bars is captivating, to say the least, a little different from the classic bright gray of those in non-colored aluminum.

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User Buying Guide

How to mount the roof bars?

The structure of the roof racks is in aluminum or steel and is characterized by a rounded or squared profile, depending on the model.

In the central part, facing the roof of the car, there is a groove designed to insert and adjust the mounting kit.

Depending on the material used and the type of product, there are two tracks with limited travel or running along the entire length of the bar.

After completing the assembly, you need to place the bars in the chosen position and then, with a tape measure, check that the distance is the same on both sides, taking care never to position them (unless it is expressly indicated) at a distance of fewer than 60 centimeters.

We suggest you do not tighten the various attachments immediately in order to be able to make any small positioning corrections.

How do secure the load on the roof bars?

The roof bars that can be moved to various positions (whether the roof has longitudinal bars or has “T” grooves) make it much easier to secure the load.

It is useful to purchase belts with spools specially designed for this type of operation. They are on sale in the best auto accessories stores.

A more basic method is to rely on ropes, but in this case, you have to be very skilled at making strong knots that do not open in contact with the wind.

Much less useful are the rubber bands, which in the event of braking would have a hard time holding the load.

How to open the roof bars without a key?

Branded roof bars have a unique number on the lock cylinder. From this number, duplicates of lost keys can be requested by contacting the manufacturer of the roof bars.

A less suitable method is to break the lock, but this means changing it at a huge expense since it must be done for all four locks present in the hooks of the bars.

Where to buy the roof bars?

If you decide to buy original roof bars, you need to contact the dealer who sold you the car.

If, on the other hand, you aim for universal or compatible roof bars, the web remains a great resource as always. Roof bars can also be found at auto accessory stores.


We have come to the conclusion of this guide on the “Best roof rack for Mazda cx 5”. And if you are now looking for a good set because you want to replace the old floor mats with a new couple.

I recommend you to buy our “Best Overall: Mazda Genuine Roof Rack“.

Or if you want to buy within your best budget then you should try this one “4 PC All Black Roof Bar for Mazda”.

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