Top 3 Best Tripod for bmpcc 4k – [Reviews Guide] 2022

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Best Tripod for bmpcc 4k is our buying guide dedicated to those looking for this type of product but can’t choose or decide despite having clear ideas about budget and needs.

Accessories are among the most purchased products by professional and novice photographers.

There are many types of accessories, but the most chosen are certainly the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k tripods.

These tools are useful in many situations and very often they are the first accessories you buy. With this guide, we will try to help you choose the best tripod. So that you can find the model that best suits your needs.

Top 3 Best Tripod for bmpcc 4k

There are many photo tripod models on the market, so it’s common to get a little confused when buying one. This is a problem for beginners, but it can also be a problem for professionals.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, the tripod can be useful for many photographic genres. So the time comes for everyone to buy one sooner or later.

We have selected the Best Tripod for bmpcc 4k models in our opinion and divided them into basic models and professional models.

For each product, we have added a description with the most important specifications and with considerations based on the use of the product and who it is for.

Let’s find out which products we think are the most deserving.

Best Overall: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Travel Photo Tripod Kit for bmpcc 4k

If you love to travel and are looking for a very particular and portable tripod, the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC could be the product you are looking for.

Thanks to a particular system, the 4 section legs can take on any shape, giving the user the opportunity to indulge themselves.

This stand can in fact be hooked to trees, poles, railings, etc using the 4 legs. It is made of high-quality Aluminum and Rubber. And in the version we recommend, it is equipped with a ball head with a quick-release plate.

Being fully articulated, it can also be used as a selfie stick. In fact, there are many users who use this particular tripod to record travel vlogs. Its versatility and its small size allow it to be adapted to any condition.

It stands 30.5cm tall (does not allow legs to be extended) and weighs just under 3.29 pounds.

Despite these small dimensions, this model is able to support 3 kg of equipment. So it can also be used with reflex and mirrorless cameras.

Quick Short Details

  • The dimensions of this Travel Tripod Kit are 18.3 x 4.9 x 4.8 inches.
  • The weight of this Tripod is 3.29 pounds.
  • It is Manufacturer by National Geographic.
  • And it has 4 legs section.
  • Its Brand name is NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.
  • NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Tripod used Aluminum and Rubber Material.
  • The Head Type of this tripod is Ball Heads.

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Best Multi-Purpose: Manfrotto Befree 3-Way Live Advanced Camera Tripod kit

The Manfrotto Befree 3 has been included in this guide to the Live Advanced Camera tripod despite being sold at a very similar price.

Manfrotto, for the uninitiated, is a historic company as regards photographic accessories that produce products of excellent quality.

This model is one of the cheapest, as it is very simple and designed for those who do not want to spend a lot. It is built-in high-quality Aluminum and Rubber and weighs just 2.3 Kilograms.

The legs consist of 4 sections with clips for locking and when extended the camera can reach a maximum height of 131cm.

Quick Short Details

  • Its Brand name is Manfrotto.
  • Manfrotto Advanced Camera Tripod used Aluminum and Rubber Material.
  • The Head Type of this tripod is a Fluid head.
  • The dimensions of this Travel Tripod Kit are 17.7 x 5 x 4.9 inches.
  • The weight of this Tripod is 2.3 Kilograms.
  • It is Manufacturer by Manfrotto.
  • And it has 4 legs section.

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Best Budget: Amazon Basics Professional Aluminum Video Tripod

Surely everyone has at least once heard of Amazon Basics, a Chinese company that produces many photographic accessories.

Obviously, one of its products could not be missing from this guide dedicated to the best photo tripod.

As the devices it produces have a good quality/price ratio. This tripod is very special because it can practically be transformed: one of the three legs can be detached to be used as a monopod.

This length makes this product perfect for traveling because it allows you to take up as little space as possible without giving up all the comforts of a normal photo tripod.

When the legs are extended, the stand reaches a maximum height of 162 cm and can support a maximum weight of 6 kg. It is built entirely of aluminum and in the lower part of the central section.

Finally, the legs have adjustable opening angles, in order to have the best stability in any context. It has blocks of screw sections that make height changes fast and simple. Also in this case there is a good quality ball head with a quick-release plate for fast operations in any situation.

Quick Short Details

  • The dimensions of this Travel Tripod Kit are 31.5 x 5.12 x 5.83 inches.
  • The weight of this Tripod is 7.28 Pounds.
  • It is Manufacturer by Amazon Basics.
  • Its Brand name is Amazon Basics.
  • Amazon Basics Professional Aluminum Video Tripod used Aluminum Material.
  • The Head Type of this tripod is a Fluid head.

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User Buying Guide

User Buying Guide Tripod for bmpcc 4k

The photographic tripod is mostly used in cases where holding the camera in your hand could prove to be of little production, perhaps.

Because you are taking a photo of a landscape, or in very low light conditions. Or because you are taking photos in the studio and he needs to have the camera perfectly still.

Weight and materials

Two of the most important technical characteristics to consider when looking for the best photo tripod are weight and materials.

They are practically one the consequence of the other because the materials have a great influence on the total weight of the accessory.

The differences between these two materials concern the general structural resistance of the product. But above all the weight of the stand.

Aluminum is less resistant and heavier, but at the same time cheaper in most cases.

The weight of a photographic tripod also depends on the strength of the structure. A tripod can also have a very low weight because perhaps the thickness of the aluminum used is very thin.

So the structure is more fragile. Each stand is equipped with three legs, which have dimensions that can vary, based on the general strength of the stand.

Maximum height and minimum height

When you are looking for the best photo easel you have to take into account the legs of each model, which can be extended according to the sections from which they are composed, except in some rare cases.

From here depends on the maximum height and the minimum height of each tripod.

minimum height obviously means the length of the tripod when it is completely closed with the legs not extended.

A tripod that measures a very short closed length allows very simple transport In fact, it is one of the main features of travel tripods, which must be comfortable to carry in a backpack or suitcase.

The maximum height of a tripod instead indicates the length with open and extended legs that it is able to reach the product.

Having a very wide height, therefore, allows you to stabilize the camera and keep it at a more or less high ground clearance.

This is an important specification because in some cases you may need to take photos from considerable heights, perhaps to cut out the disturbing elements of the frame.

Maximum Capacity

All the features seen so far determine another very important specification: the maximum range.

As can be deduced, the maximum capacity of a tripod is the weight that the latter is able to support and precisely depends on the materials, the strength, and the extension of the legs.

You need to know what equipment you will use together with the tripod, so as to understand if a particular model is able to support it.

Always keep in mind that when a camera is mounted on a tripod. You are entrusting very expensive equipment to an accessory that must be able to prevent it from falling to the ground.

So if you use very heavy flagship reflex cameras together with very large lenses, pay attention to the maximum range of each tripod.

Tripod Head

Each photo tripod consists mainly of two parts: the legs and the head. The legs are obviously the three supports that can be extended and opened, while, think about it, the head is the top where the camera attaches.

You didn’t expect it, did you? However, seriously, the head plays a very important role in the performance of a tripod.

It can be of two types: ball and 3-way. The latter is a type of head that can be moved on the three main axes.

And it has various screws for adjusting every single movement. So that the photographer is able to find the best position in every situation.

Where to buy

The products we have named above you can buy from the local market or you can easily buy from Amazon if you want.

The names of the three products we have discussed you can easily compare and purchase from Amazon.


If you are looking for the Best Tripod for bmpcc (Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera) 4k, then by reading this article you must know which one is best for you.

We have mentioned three products in this article. We will recommend the “NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Travel Photo Tripod Kit”.

You buy it because it is the best. And you can also buy one of the next two (Manfrotto Befree 3-Way Live Advanced Camera Tripod kit and Amazon Basics Professional Aluminum Video Tripod) if you want. Those are also good.

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