How to Attach a Camera to a Tripod

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Tripod is a must-have accessory for photographers. This tripod accessory makes the camera can be placed more stable when you take pictures. Using a tripod also makes photos clearer even in low light conditions. In this guide, I will explain how to make a tripod for a camera?

In the market itself, there are quite a lot of tripods sold with various brands and models. However, the way to mount the camera on a tripod remains the same.

How to attach a camera to a tripod?

Check your camera, is there a place to attach a tripod

Most modern cameras today come with a tripod mount on the underside of the body. However, some old DSLR cameras or pocket cameras do not have this section. Tripod Mount is a small hole where you can insert a kind of bolt-on tripod.

Usually, this hole is an inch in diameter. If your camera does not have a tripod mount, you can use a special adapter that is sold in the market.

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Remove the camera dish on the tripod

The camera plate is usually the part for attaching the camera to a tripod. You can use this section or not. Since, essentially, without a camera dish to hold the camera, a tripod-mounted camera is fairly stable.

With the disc removed, you can attach the camera to a tripod more easily. If you continue to use this dish, you have to make sure the disk does not wobble and has the same hole size.

Adjust tripod legs

After making sure the camera can be mounted on a tripod. You can start placing the tripod and adjusting the height of the tripod legs. Adjust the height according to your needs. How to mount the camera on a tripod you can do first before you adjust the legs of the tripod.

However, our advice, it’s better, install the camera after the tripod position is right and appropriate. This is to prevent unwanted things such as a tripod suddenly falling.

Mount the camera tripod by rotating it

How to mount the camera on a tripod is actually quite easy. You just need to turn the camera on the screw on the tripod. Rotate until the camera is completely locked.

If your DSLR camera has the same tripod mount, of course, this will be quite easy. Remember to be careful not to twist the camera too hard and damage your camera or tripod.

Slip the camera onto a tripod

In addition to the bolt method, how to mount the camera on a tripod can use a clamping mechanism rather than a rotating bolt system. You have to mount the camera easier and more powerfully.
Reinstall the camera plate

If you remove the camera plate to make it easier to attach the camera to a tripod. You also don’t forget to put the camera disc back into place.

Try moving the tripod head

Once everything is in place, you can start moving the camera on the tripod. You can try moving the tripod head right, left, up, and down.

It is quite important to position the camera before shooting. Make sure the tripod position is always stable when shooting.

Make sure to use the right camera dish

If you keep the camera dish under the tripod head, you must use the right camera dish. The reason is, this camera dish is between the tripod and the camera. If the camera dish does not fit, it is feared that the camera will not be stable.

Place the bag on the tripod

Sometimes you encounter an unstable surface and make the tripod always move to the other side. You can outsmart this by placing your camera bag on a tripod as a ballast. This method of mounting the camera on a tripod is often used by photographers when shooting outdoors.

Don’t just install the camera

Some high-end tripods come with separate legs and tripod head designs. This is intended to make it easier for photographers to choose a tripod head according to their needs. So do not carelessly install the camera. Make sure that the legs and the tripod head are snugs.


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