How to Build a Tripod Hoist

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Today I’m going to show you how to build a tripod hoist? You can do it properly if you follow our instructions. I had to put in some very large post on our property.

And they’re about a thousand pounds and I just couldn’t do it by myself. It is possible that some of these tips are already internalized and you do them automatically. But surely others you had not taken into account.

Therefore, if you want to learn how to use a tripod hoist properly. We advise you to take a look at the following tricks. Once you start putting them into practice. You will always do it naturally and you will get more speed when using your tripod as well as greater precision.

How to build a tripod hoist?

So this hoist was given me what I needed to lift him up and put him in the ground safely with one man. This would be good.

If you have to do a project like lifting up an engine or anything that’s probably 2,000 pounds. Or less the head was built out of two rings of plywood 3/4 inch plywood the top one is about 14 inches across the bottom.

One’s about 11 inches across and then comes in radiating out at 30-degree angles are two by fours that have been wrapped in steel tie-down strap.

This will keep the two-by-fours from splitting and twisting under load. I made the legs of the tripod by rounding the ends of three 10-foot two by fours. And then adding a steel strap to those also after the strap is put in.

I drilled half-inch bolt holes for the head and for the legs the eight-inch by half-inch eyebolt. S that I used through the center of the head. Now I went ahead and welded that eye bolt closed. So that it wouldn’t stretch out under load.

Here I added an extra piece of 2×4 just to beef it up and then also to bring that winch strap. So it was a little out from the leg itself so it doesn’t bind up when you’re cranking well that’s about it. It’s pretty simple to build but it really helped me with a hard project.

I like it because it’s light enough I can move it pretty easily by myself set it up. And then I can really move some pretty big logs with it.

I found that a double wrap chain a little bit past halfway works the best for this type of lift. Once it cranks it up and clears the ground you can push them around and drop them in the holes.

Try not to extend the center bar when using a tripod

The central bar of your tripod gives less stability so, if it is not totally essential, the ideal is that you extend it if you have no choice.

We know that extending the central bar will be easier for you than having to extend the three legs one by one. But to guarantee the safety of your equipment and achieve the best stability. The ideal is to use the legs extended and leave the central column without extending.


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