How to Choose Lego War of the Worlds Tripod

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Typically a lego war of the worlds tripod is one of the first accessories that a beginner in photography adds to his or her equipment. We tend to think that using a tripod is very simple. We will only have to set the height that interests us by extending the legs, placing the camera, and that’s it.

How to choose lego war of the worlds tripod

There are a large number of situations and photographic modalities in which it is essential to use a tripod, as we already told you in this article. But are we using it properly?

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First of all, define your composition

Setting up a tripod can take time. That is why it is not a bad idea that, before placing the tripod, you are clear about the composition you want to obtain.

To do this, you will only have to spend some time looking around you, observing the subject you want to portray or the object that you are going to photograph, and deciding before installing the tripod.

This previous work can save you a correction of the later tripod that will slow down the development of your work.

Watch the weight you install on the tripod

This factor is essential in a tripod and one of the most consulted when choosing a tripod suitable for our needs. And you have to take into account, not only the maximum load capacity of the tripod but also that of the head. Surely it is specified in the technical sheet of the product.

Make sure the equipment (camera and lens) you want to use does not exceed the maximum weight that the tripod and head can support. If this weight is greater, the stability of the entire equipment may be jeopardized.

When using a tripod, place one of the legs facing what you are going to photograph

This trick is very simple, but maybe you’ve never thought about it. By placing one of the legs facing the subject, landscape or object that you are going to photograph, you will have more space on the other side, between the two remaining legs, to move without tripping over any of them.

Handling the camera will be much more comfortable. In addition, you will gain stability if you have to tilt the camera down.

Extend the leg sections in the correct order

This may seem logical but it never hurts to point it out. The legs of the tripods are divided into several sections and, when extending them, it is best to extend the thickest ones first, since they will give us more stability, and leave the thinner sections until last. In this way, it will be possible to ensure the balance of the team.

Use the right legs for each type of terrain

To obtain the greatest stability on your tripod and on your camera, you must take into account the type of terrain in which you are going to install the tripod.

If you’re shooting on soft ground like beach sand, grass, snow, or mud, it’s best to use pointed tips that many tripods already include.

In some, you will only have to replace the rubber tips with pointed steel ones and in others, you will have to remove the rubber tips. This will ensure that the tripod is secured to the ground correctly.

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