How to Clear Ram on Galaxy s7

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The Galaxy S7 is one of the Bestselling phones of Samsung. Smartphones have been growing in popularity and most people want to own one.

One way to increase your sales and popularity is by offering free sample copies.

Ram is an essential component in a smartphone. It stores the programs, history and other data. Due to limited space, all these data gets easily get overwritten.

The first step to clear RAM is to stop any programs that are running in the background to avoid this from happening.

To do this, follow the following steps:

1) Go to Settings > Applications > Check for installed apps and remove any unnecessary ones that may be running in the background.

2) To clear RAM permanently, go to Settings > Application manager and tap on Clear app cache and Clear History or Clear Recent Applications or go Clear Cache or Clear Data as shown below.

3) To check whether your Galaxy s7 has enough memory space left (MEMORY_CACHE_SIZE ) then use below tools available online like . Keep your Galaxy s7 clean by backing up all your important data (music, pictures etc).

4) If you are having issues if your battery life, try to clear all RAM by going to Settings > About phone and press the “Build Number” 7 times.

5) If you’re still facing memory issue then follow this tip: Your Galaxy s7 is too old for Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

After updating your Galaxy s7, don’t forget to backup all data (images, videos etc).

With this in mind, I will show you a simple way that can clear Data without losing your important data. Just follow the steps below and in no time your Galaxy s7 will be clean.

6) If you are looking for a way to root Galaxy S7 without any problems, then you can try this simple method here: Read More.

What is RAM and How can it Speed Up Your Phone?

RAM is a key component of your phone and it plays a big role in your smartphone. It is the memory that keeps all the data on your phone and other devices, like your laptop or tablet.

RAM is not only used to store data but also to perform various tasks like launching apps, playing games, sending messages, etc. All these processes are faster when RAM has enough memory to do them.

An efficient way of using RAM is by using apps that run in the background and take care of all those tasks for you while you are busy doing something else on your phone.

The problem with this approach is that it can be very taxing on the battery life of your phone.

So we need a better alternative that can help us save battery life without slowing down our phones or draining their batteries too much. That’s where RAM comes in!

The best way to use RAM as an alternative to apps running in the background is by installing them from the Play Store app store or through

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How to Hack Your Phone’s CPU to Increase Performance

The CPU is a very important part of a computer, it’s the part that controls how fast your computer runs.

It’s not just for games and applications, it also plays a role in many other tasks such as web browsing, email and other applications.

Most of the time, the CPU is used to run programs that are written in C or C++. But there are also some programs that are written in assembly language or machine code which can be difficult to understand for beginners.

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