How to Install an OS on a New PC

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Not sure how to install an os on a new pc? No problem, I’ll explain the whole procedure to install Windows or any other operating system independently without having to resort to the help of a professional.

If you intend to install Windows on a computer, whether you will use a previously installed disk (or partition), or if you have a new hard disk available, the procedure to follow is the same.

The formatting procedure, i.e. the deletion of any data present on drive C, takes place during the installation phase of the operating system, and it is always advisable to perform it.

How to install an os on a new pc?

To reinstall an operating system correctly, whether it is a desktop PC or a notebook, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Export all the data to be saved to another external media: files and folders, e-mails and browser favorites.
    Usually, we tend to forget to export the mail, and the files contained in the user’s “Documents” folder.
  • Obtain a Windows installation DVD (Alternatively a Pendrive)
  • Make sure the PC is set to boot from DVD (or USB if you are using a Pendrive) for the first time.
  • Start the PC with the Windows DVD inserted.

The DVD can also be replaced by a Pendrive with the operating system files in boot mode.

To set the PC boot (boot) from our preferential support, such as the DVD reader or the USB in case you use a Pendrive, you need to go to the BIOS page and set the relative parameters ( How to set the boot via BIOS ).

Let’s proceed with the installation of the operating system.

Once the boot media with which you intend to install Windows has been inserted into the PC.

You can start the installation procedure by following the instructions on the computer monitor, which as soon as it is started will ask you to press any key to boot (boot) from DVD (or USB ).

Obviously, you will confirm the choice to start the system from DVD, in which player you will have loaded a copy of the Windows files.

And after a few moments you will see a screen like this below on the monitor:

Proceed as well by clicking on the ” Next “ button to continue the installation procedure:

In this step,

I always recommend selecting the custom installation field and then choosing ” Advanced Options “ to perform a clean installation without keeping the old files related to the previous installation in memory. You will see the following screen showing the various choice options:

In this example we have a single 120 Gb partition; the one consisting of 100 Mb is reserved for the system.

Then select the ” Format ” button to delete any data present in the partition.

If before the installation you do not format a previously installed disk, at the end of the whole procedure you will find a double Windows folder on disk C, the previous one and the one just installed.

The previous one will have the words “old” (Windows_old) in front of the name.

Then click on ” Next “ to begin the installation process of the actual operating system.

You will only have to follow the procedure confirming the few choices that will be presented to you, until the installation is complete, which will take about twenty minutes, but the timing depends a lot on the hardware of the machine.

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