How to Install Android Apps on Windows 10 Mobile – [Easy Simple Ways]

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People who use Windows 10 Mobile often want to download Android phone apps on their mobile.

And they want to install and use them but they can’t download and install those apps because they don’t know how to do it.

Today’s article is for them. Here’s “how to install android apps on windows 10 mobile?”

While waiting for Project Astoria to become available in the fall for developers. Some enterprising users have managed to run some Android applications on several Lumia series devices updated to Windows 10 Mobile.

Before starting, we recommend caution: we have not had the opportunity to test this procedure. And it could cause damage to your devices; these are the supported ones.

Way to install android apps on windows 10 mobile?

Many people use Windows Ten Mobile but they do not have all kinds of apps. So they want to install Android phone apps on their Windows Mobile.

Obviously, you will need to have Windows 10 Mobile installed. It is also advisable to obtain the apk of the Android app that you intend to install, and a Windows PC from which to perform the operations.

Take a careful look at each step so that the apps can be downloaded in the right way.

Let’s begin to install android apps on windows 10 mobile

  • First of all, you need to Download wconnect and then ADB (part of the Android SDK ).
  • Then you need to Extract them both from the folders.
  • Open the wconnect folder, and install IpOverUsbInstaller.msi and vcredist_x86.exe.
  • Now time to Go to Settings from your Windows 10 Mobile, and from there you need to Update & Security -> For Developers and then activate the Developer Mode, as well as Device Discovery.
  • Go back to the connect folder, and open the command prompt with the combination Shift + right-click-> Open command window here.
  • Once this is done, you will need to connect your device to the computer: to do this, you can choose the USB or Wi-Fi connection; in the first case, type ” wconnect.exe USB ” and press Enter, in the second, type ” wconnect.exe “and press Enter, where the address of your device will be replaced.
  • You will be asked for the pairing code: enter it.
  • Now open the ADB folder extracted previously, and also here open the command prompt with the combination Shift + right-click-> Open command window here.
  • To make sure your device is connected, type ” ADB devices ” and press Enter to bring up a list of connected devices.
  • Insert the apk file you want to install on your device in the ADB folder, and from the command prompt type,” ADB install name.apk “, where name.apk will be the name of the chosen app.
  • Let it work: after a while, the app should be installed on your Lumia with Windows 10 Mobile.

Or follow the video below:


If you read this article you will easily understand “how to install android apps on windows 10 mobile?” I hope you understand how you can easily download and install apps.

If you have difficulty downloading Android phone apps on Windows 10 Mobile, let us know by commenting and we will teach you a simpler method.

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