How to Make a Playlist on VLC Android – [Easy Guide]

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You are about to embark on a long journey and have decided to make the journey more enjoyable by listening to some good music.

Once you have everything prepared, however, you have realized that in recent times you have only listened to the songs on an album or the songs randomly play your favorite songs.

Don’t worry, there is a remedy for everything, even this one. In this guide, I will show you “How to Make a Playlist on VLC Android?” So you can play music continuously and without having to manually change songs. In addition to the action modes provided by the streaming apps.

I will take care of showing you how to create playlists using the audio files and songs stored in the memory of your device.

So that you can organize and listen to them in an orderly manner using the “standard” playback app ”Included in all modern Android smartphones.

How to Make a Playlist on VLC Android?

Have you been using the VLC player for a while now but are unable to create a playlist on the VLC app for Android? Don’t worry, it’s not difficult at all!

To do this, start the app on your device, log in, if necessary, with your account credentials by pressing the Login button or via your Facebook account.

Open your VLC Player on android and tap the button ( ⋮ ) (three-dot button) corresponding to it, then select the song and Add it to the playlist (songs) item.

At this point, a new screen should open in which to select one of the already existing playlists.

If, on the other hand, you want to create a new one, press the New playlist button at the top, provide a name to the playlist then tap Create. The song or album will be immediately added to it.

To listen to the playlists saved on VLC, simply tap on the My library button. Take you to the Playlist section, then choose the playlist to play. The free version of VLC allows you to listen to the songs in the desired order.

How to create a Playlist on VLC and play it randomly?

How to create a Playlist on VLC and play it randomly

In this post we will see how you can do to play your music without interruption, following your selection or randomly and, if you want, repeating the playback continuously.

A bit like it sometimes happens to hear the background music in a shop, or at an art exhibition, or in a bar or in a public place, recreating the atmosphere of the so-called Ambient music.

The reasons for wanting to do this playback in a continuous cycle also called a loop can be many.

For example, when I write these posts I always keep a background of music, possibly relaxing and without dialogue, which would distract me.

The steps listed briefly, are these:

  • Select the music you want to play
  • Open them with VLC Media player, which obviously you must have installed on your pc
  • Set the type of playback you want.

Nothing difficult and now let’s see, with the help of the images, how to proceed.

Create the Playlist on VLC

Create the Playlist on VLC

You have at least two ways to create your PlayList.

First modality

  • This is the simplest model, but it is not the official VLC media player mode.
  • First, you need to group your songs into a single folder. This allows you to conveniently select the songs you want to play.
  • In the example, I have created the MyPlayList folder number one and inside I put the music files that I want to play with VLC, in Continuous (loop) and Random mode.
  • I then select all the songs number two. In this case, there are only seven, but it could also be many more.
  • Now, you need to right-click on the selected songs. Click anywhere in the selection.

A Quick Menu will open in which you have to select the Play with VLC media player item number one

Second modality

This second mode allows you to create a PlayList of songs taken from where you prefer. Therefore, their placement can be different, a song by song.

In the Menu, at the top, click on Media then, click on number one Open multiple files …

Each song that you will add to your PlayList, using the button number two + Add you will be able to select it from one of the sources you see in number one.

The source of the PlayList files

The source of the PlayList files

in this case, are folders and files on the PC hard-driven number one number two number four.

But as I said before, you can take a file from your hard drive, one from a CD inserted into your PC drive, one from the Internet, one from a USB stick or an external drive. There are no particular limits.

As you can see, this way of creating your PlayList is much more flexible than the first. But you have to use it in the right way.

I don’t think there is a need for much explanation. The only configuration that perhaps needs to be pointed out is the number two the one that cycles only one song.

First, note that the button selected in this mode is almost the same as that number three to cycle continuously (loop) all the tracks.

But it is distinguished by having a very small number 1 present between the two arrows that represent the continuous cycle. Notice it so you can recognize it. This playback mode does not necessarily require a PlayList.


So now you know How to Make a Playlist on VLC Android? As you have seen, VLC is increasingly proving to be a real and important professional program, as well as free.

It has many possibilities and configurations that make it suitable and useful in many situations.

In this post, you have seen how to create your own PlayList and how to reproduce it according to your needs. And this I hope will be useful to you. And if you have any more questions, please let us know by commenting. Thank you.

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