How to Make a Tripod for a Camera- [Easy ways]

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How to make a tripod for a camera with Bamboo and Used Sandals. The increasingly widespread use of cameras and gadgets in this era makes people like extraordinary things using only cell phones or cameras.

How to make a tripod for a camera?

To support your photography activities using a camera or smartphone. It’s a good idea to use supporting tools in taking pictures to make it look pro besides your cameras or smartphone’s capabilities. Friends who have been in this business, there must be someone who wants to have a tripod.

Tripod prices vary widely, from cheap to expensive, and are already equipped with a stabilizer. For those of you who don’t have a tripod, this time we will make a tripod made from used materials and easy to make.

Judging from the simple concept and way of working, the idea came up to make it easily and cheaply compared to you buying it on the market.

Steps to Make a Tripod

Follow These Steps To Build A Tripod;

  • Cut the bamboo and grind it to make 3 sticks of tripod legs with a size of 60 cm.
  • Make 2 stacks of 15 cm bamboo and grind them to make a holder (tripod head).
  • Cut the Sandals to make 3 patterns. The first pattern is a square shape (6×6 cm). Then make a triangle pattern in the middle and then make a hole.
  • The second pattern is a rectangle (7×3 cm) and a hole 4cm from the wide side.
  • While the third pattern is the same as the second pattern. But the middle part is hollowed out and on the right side.
  • Punch a hole in the bottle cap in the center using a nail.
  • Take the bottom of the styrofoam pop noodle which is round in shape. Then make a triangular pattern in the middle and then make a hole.

Assembling a Tripod

  • To make the tripod head, take two 15cm bamboo sticks and a rectangular sandal pattern. And then insert the sticks into the side holes that were previously made.
  • Insert the medium size nail that was provided earlier from the inside until the tip of the nail is embedded in the sandal, later to connect the headset to the tripod leg.
  • Insert the tip of the nail into the hole on the bottle cap and insert one more nail into the side hole on the sandal. Its function is to be able to rotate the tripod head smoothly later.
  • The tripod head has been assembled, now we will assemble the tripod legs. Take the styrofoam that has been perforated earlier and then add the three 60cm bamboo sticks.
  • Take a sandal with a square pattern and then insert the end of the bamboo into the hole that has been made. So that the legs are conical.
  • Combine the tripod head with the tripod legs by inserting the nail protruding on the tripod head into the center hole in the slipper on the tripod leg. Make sure there is no rocking circuit. If necessary glue the parts that are felt necessary.
  • Insert a small straw from the bottom into the center hole of the styrofoam and make sure it reaches the bottom of the nail.

Materials and Tools for Making a Tripod

  • Bamboo with a length of 1 meter
  • Used Sandals
  • Medium Size Nails
  • Knife
  • Bottlecap
  • Styrofoam Pop Noodles
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Small Straw
  • Rubber bracelet.


Make sure the legs that you made earlier are sturdy before pairing your smartphone. To make this, it only takes creativity and time to make it compared to spending a hefty amount of money to buy quota to be able to upload content.

This tripod is suitable for low-cost content creators but never stops being creative. Please leave a comment below.

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