How to make a VR Headset without Lenses

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In this article, we will discuss the various aspects of VR headsets without lenses and their importance. We will also look at some examples and what are the possible consequences of using such devices.

When you can’t find a store that has the right equipment, but you really want to try out virtual reality, you can always create your own headset for it.

A VR headset is a virtual reality gadget that is used to experience and interact with 3D virtual environments, whether they are simulations of objects in the room or created images.

A VR headset has two lenses that are responsible for displaying each eye a different image. The lenses can be made of plastic, glass, Perspex or any other transparent material.

In order to make a VR headset without lenses, you will need:

Two printed out images.

3D glasses.

Velcro strips.

What is a VR Headset for?

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated environment that can be interacted with in full or in part through devices such as headsets or gloves.

A VR headset allows people to have an immersive experience in graphics, audio and other sensory feedback.

Some companies use VR headsets for training purposes or simulations. Other companies use it for promotional purposes like launching new products and events.

Virtual reality is seen by many as an effective medium for education.

VR offers some of the same opportunities as distance learning and augmented reality, but without the need to be connected to a computer or other devices.

How to Make One at Home Using Lenses and Cardboard

There are three main components to this device:

  • Lenses.
  • Cardboard.
  • Magnets.

The lenses and cardboard have to be put together in a way that they can both be removed from each other.

To align the lenses, they must be placed side by side and parallel to one another. Notice that the cardboard is perpendicular to them.

This ensures that when you look through the lens, you will see the text on the opposite lens. The last component of this DIY device is magnets.

These two components will make it so that when you remove one of them from a surface, it will cling back onto it like an invisible hinge.

Get a 100mm diameter circle of cardboard, cut it into two circles and then trim the top half to make a lens shape.

Cut out lens shapes from the paper and glue each one in place onto the other board with a hot glue gun or other adhesive.

Have you ever wanted to make your own VR headset?

It is not as hard as it may look. All you need is a 3D printer, cardboard, lenses and straps.

Find a suitable lens or lenses that are the right focal length for your eyesight and can be seen through by both eyes simultaneously.

Cut these out of the cardboard. The cut outs should be large enough to wrap around your head with an additional inch on each side to allow for strapping the device to your head.

Glue the lenses onto the cardboard cut outs with a hot glue gun or other adhesive then use straps threaded through holes in the cut out so you can wear them if desired.

If you don’t have 3D printing access, try asking around at a library.

How to Make a VR Headset from Scratch

The ultimate goal of this project is to build a custom made VR headset from scratch, in the comfort of your own home and with only a few tools and resources.

Below is a list of the items that you will need for this project:

– A store-bought headband. You can find these at most stores, such as Target or Walmart.

– A 9 inch rubber band. This should be used to attach the headband to the first cover layer.

– Cardboard or paper. You’ll need two sheets of cardboard or 18×24 inch paper for this step. One sheet should be cut in half to create two identical rectangles (9×12 inch). The other sheet should be cut into four strips.

– A single piece of white foam board, 8×12 inch. This should be used as the second cover layer and to create the body of the headset.

– Two pieces of brown foam board, 12×18 inch each and a 12×24 inch piece for the final piece for this project.

– One 12×12 inch piece of wood.

– One large plastic bottle lid, 6.5 x 9.5 inches.

– Five thin strips of wood measuring 2×16 inch each and a 10×10 inch piece for the nosepiece.

– Six small rubber bands, 8-9 inches long and 3-4 inches wide.

How about the Best YouTube Videos for Making Your Own DIY Virtual Reality Headset at Home?

The world is ready for virtual reality. It is not a secret that many videos about how to make your own DIY VR headset can be found on YouTube; however, which video should you watch?

In this article, we are going to prepare a list of the best YouTube videos for making your own DIY VR headset at home.


This video is about how to make your own virtual reality headset. The author starts by using an old cell phone case as an enclosure and then attaching lenses and a display screen to it.

At the end of the video, he discusses his design process in detail. He says that he used an old CD case as a lens holder.


Google might be a little outdated, but it is still a great way to enjoy VR experience.

To make your own VR headset without lenses, you will need a cardboard box and some other materials.

First, take the cardboard box and cut out two rectangular holes on the opposite ends. Then cut out two small circles in the top center on each side of the box.

The circles should be just big enough so that they can fit over your ears.

You will also want to cut out a rectangle in one of the long sides of the box that is just big enough for your phone to fit in without being folded up or bent.

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