How to make AMVs on iPhone

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Finding the right amvs making app with your iPhone can be tricky especially since there are thousands of video editing apps in the App Store that turn out to be a failure or require payment to export the finished video. In this article, I show you how to make amvs on iPhone?

How to make amvs on iPhone?

If you want to make amvs on iPhone, you need to download the iMovie apps on your iPhone and then you can install it. Once installed, you can easily create videos using it.

First, you need to go to Apple’s App Store than from there you have to install iMovie App. Then after it is installed you have to open it and insert the video on iMovie that you want to create amvs in there then you can create video from it.

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iMovie is the best-known video editing app ever, especially for Mac users who can use it for free. It has been redesigned for IOS of course with fewer features.

But really complete with all the basic features for video editing. Unlike InShot it weighs enough but I recommend you try it because being from Apple it is completely optimized for your iPhone.

Here are 3 alternatives apps to make amvs on iPhone…


InShot is by far the best free video editing app on iPhone. It has tons of features as a professional computer editor.

You don’t need the latest iPhone to be able to edit smoothly because it doesn’t require high performance for editing. With Inshot you can edit almost professional videos.

You can insert and edit an audio track, add video effects and texts in a very intuitive way. It is also the application that takes up the least!


If you are looking for something unprofessional and very user-friendly especially for short videos to post on Social I recommend Clips.

Clips is a very recent app also released by Apple and specifically designed to create funny videos with texts, soundtracks, artistic filters, stickers.

The app weighs very little compared to iMovie (200MB) and if you don’t have any editing experience it’s perfect for you.


Magistro is a very simple app that allows you to create videos starting from already created themes such as Travel, Friends, and much more.

Just select the images and clips you want to edit together and in seconds the app mounts it all by itself and offers the ability to edit.

Unfortunately, since the last update to download the video, you have to buy a subscription of $6.99. In order not to make any payment, I recommend that you record the iPhone screen when you play the finished video and then simply cut it from the Camera app.

What is an AMV?

Simple, AMV stands for the anime music video, which is a video with scenes taken from Japanese anime and as background music songs able to fit perfectly with the rhythm and atmosphere of the cartoon.

If you’ve never made one, you definitely need to fix it. Also because it’s very easy, just use the good old Windows Movie Maker. Do not you believe it? Then get to work immediately and follow the tips on how to make an AMV with Windows Movie Maker that I’m about to give you.

How to make amvs on Computer?

How to make amvs on Computer

To make an AMVs with Windows Movie Maker, you must first start the program via its icon in the Start menu > All Windows programs (I will use the latest version available in the Windows Live Essentials program suite ). And import the videos into it you want to use to create your anime music video.

Once the import is complete, you have to move on to “clipping” the scenes you intend to use for your AMV. To crop the scenes and separate them from the rest of the video.

You need to use the player located in the left part of the window and the Edit tab of the Movie Maker toolbar.

In practice, you have to get to the beginning of the first scene you want to use for your music video and click on the Divide button located at the top right (in the Edit tab).

And then you have to do the same once you get to the endpoint of the scene you want. include in the video.

Repeated the operation with all the scenes to be used in the AMV.

You will get many squares with the previews of the scenes cut out in the right part of the Movie Maker window. To remove the rest of the video, i.e. the scenes you don’t need. Click on their thumbnails and press the Delete key on your computer keyboard.

Now we have to find out how to make an AMV with Windows Movie Maker by applying our favorite songs to it.

Then go back to the Home tab of Movie Maker and click on the Add Music button to select the song (or songs) in MP3 format to use as background music for the video. Try to match the length of the video and the song perfectly.

At this point, go back to the Edit tab of Movie Maker, click on the Video Volume button, and set the volume adjustment bar to a minimum.

In this way, only the background song will be heard in the final video and the audio will be completely eliminated original video.

At this point, all you have to do is refine the last details by adjusting and moving with the mouse the scenes and the audio track of your AMV on the main screen of Windows Live Movie Maker.

Preview the video obtained with the player located on the left. And, if you are satisfied with the result, save your anime music video by clicking on the Save movie button on the program’s Home tab.


You can choose to save the video locally, by selecting the item Recommended for this project from the menu that appears. Or immediately share your AMVs with friends on the network by choosing to publish them on Facebook and/or YouTube. Hope now you know how to make amvs on iPhone?

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