How to Turn Off Screen Overlay on Samsung Note 5

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What is a Screen Overlay?

A screen overlay is a video that overlays the screen of your device. It’s usually used as an advertisement or to show you a video while you’re doing something else.

It might also be a useful way of getting information while playing a game, but they can be intrusive and annoying.

Usually, the video is displayed on top of all other windows. If the video has sound, it will usually play through your device’s speakers; if it doesn’t have sound, it will show you a blank black screen until you tap the video.

How to Turn Off Screen Overlay on Galaxy S8 and S9?

Screen overlay is a new feature on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9. It’s designed to give you more information about the world around you by placing it on top of your screen.

The feature is enabled by default, but if you want to turn it off, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings > Advanced Features > Screen Overlay

2. Turn off Screen Overlay Screen overlay can be disabled.

How to Disable Note 8 Screen Overlay?

Samsung has made it a point to make their new flagship, Galaxy Note 8, more secure than its predecessors.

To that end, they have introduced a new security feature that prevents people from accessing the phone’s screen when the device is in sleep mode.

It is not possible to disable this feature. Instead, you can get around it by using a screen overlay app.

You can also use the fingerprint scanner for unlocking your Note 8 screen if you don’t want to use your face or iris scanner for security purposes.

What is a Screen Overlay and How to Turn Off on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Screen Overlay is a feature that displays information on the screen while you are using an application.

The Screen Overlay feature can be turned off by following these steps:

-Open Settings.

-Scroll down and tap Advanced Features.

-Turn off Screen Overlay.


We have seen how the Samsung Note 5’s screen glare can be turned off in different ways.

The best way is to turn it off by using the “Auto” screen brightness setting. , but there are other ways which can be done too.

The trick to turning off screen glare on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is all in the brightness settings, but turning it off doesn’t mean your phone’s screen will no longer be tough to read in daylight.

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