How to Unlock HTC pattern lock without Gmail

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Why You Can’t Unlock Your HTC Pattern Lock Without a Gmail Account

The reason for this is that the pattern lock is a security feature that is designed to protect your phone from potential thieves.

It does this by not allowing you to unlock your phone without knowing the password. The password, in this case, is your Gmail account.

The pattern lock is a security feature on HTC devices which prevents you from unlocking your phone without knowing the password.

The password in this case, though, isn’t just your Google account – it’s also the pattern you set up when setting up the device.

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Step 1: Recover the Password in Hidden Mode

This is a recovery mode in the event of forgetting your password.

It is hidden by default and will not be displayed unless you click on “Forgot Password?” from the login window.

In order to recover your password, you will need to enter your email address, username and answer the questions that were asked when you registered for the app.

Step 2: Take Advantage of the “Forgot Password” Feature

We tend to forget our passwords and that is why the “Forgot Password” feature was introduced. It is a great way to get back into your account without having to go through the process of resetting your password.

The process of resetting a password can be very time-consuming and frustrating. The “Forgot Password” feature can help you avoid all that stress.

This article will show you how this feature works and how it can be used for your benefit.

The “Forgot Password” feature is an excellent way for users to regain access to their account when they have forgotten their password or are unable to access their account because they have forgotten their username, too.

Step 3: Reset Your Google Account’s Password

With the recent data breach, Reset Your Google Account’s Password is a topic that has been trending in the news.

This is a guide to reseting your Google account’s password.

It will cover what you need to do if you want to change your password, how to set up two-step verification for extra security and what happens if you forget your password.


Unlock HTC pattern lock without Gmail. To unlock HTC pattern lock without Gmail, the user needs to have a Google account with an Android device.

The user should also be able to access the internet to download and install Android Device Manager on their computer.

Once the program is installed, they need to sign in with their Google account and then select “Locate this device” from the drop down menu.

When selecting “Locate this device,” they should be given an option of unlocking the phone or factory resetting it.

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