How to Use DVR on PlayStation Vue?

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PlayStation Vue, Sony launches its streaming service to watch TV programs on the console. Sony has launched PlayStation Vue, a service for watching TV programs through the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. You can record the programs when you want. And thus allowing you to watch numerous TV series.

Many people who use PlayStation are not aware of its benefits. So in today’s article, we will discuss “How to use DVR on PlayStation Vue?” and What kind of benefits we can get from it.

How to use DVR on PlayStation Vue?

You can record any type of video using PlayStation Vue Dvr. And you do not need to subscribe to any kind of cable operator. This service has auto video recording options. So you can watch and record videos together.

Suppose you just watch the TV show and want to record it. You just have to turn on the record option and keep watching that TV show episode. Then it will be automatically recorded.

You can record multiple programs if you want because the play station has ample cloud space. The service allows you to use the free cloud space. So that you can download or record a lot of videos without any hassle.

Use DVR on PlayStation Vue to a computer or laptop.

  • Now, All you have to do to use this service is first to visit the main PlayStation Vue website. And then click on an option called Channel.
  • After clicking on the channel you will see there is an option called preferred channel then select it. Then click on the show you want to record.
  • Now all you have to do is click sign under My Shows then from there click on the DVR recording option and select it then they have to give the recording.
  • To record this you must log in to PlayStation Vue and record the show by clicking on it and then recording it.

DVR on PlayStation Vue

Sony takes the field, in the streaming television offer sector. With a service that, it promises, should change the way you see television.

PlayStation Vue Dvr is the name of the new device, which will be recordable on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. It will allow users to watch TV programs on air without having a problem recording them and through a very simple method.

The service will allow you to follow the show’s broadcast record in America. But also to take advantage of the video-on-demand service.

Sony has signed contracts with CBS, Discovery Communications, Fox, NBC Universal, Scripps Networks Interactive, and Viacom, for a total of 75 channels, while in the initial offer there will be no Disney and Time Warner productions.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue will allow users to see episodes of TV series and programs up to three days prior to airing.

Depending on the views, the service will propose to the user the shows similar to what he has already watched, and when a program is included in the “favorites”. It will be possible to have access to its episodes for twenty-eight days.

A service that will have a cost, which has not yet been announced but which will allow the user to pay month by month, as with Netflix.

The service, therefore, wants to be a response to satellite and cable TV, allowing users to be able to follow their shows whenever they want, without having to chase the offers of the networks.

In this way, Sony challenges not only Netflix and Hulu but also the new services of HBO and CBS, which allow viewers to watch paid programs whenever they want.

Taking advantage of the popularity of the Playstation, we want to look for a range of young people increasingly distant from the TV with content that they could pay for. Also in this way, the new technologies challenge the TV.

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