How to Zoom out Or Zoom in illustrator

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Today, In this Article Shows you can easily few step by step follow to Zoom in and out your artwork using your Adobe illustrator. So Follow the 3 Methods below how to zoom out in illustrator easily:

Method 1:

Step: 1

At fast you  Open your Adobe Illustrator and go to click the File Option and Then click New New or (Ctrl + N) Then Type Document Name:  Unites: pixels  Size: Legal Width:1008px  Height:612px Then click ok Button. Then create a new page.

step 1

Step: 2

Open any image in your Adobe Illustrator software. Then click the Zoom tool (Z). And Press on your keyboard Z. This is the keyboard shortcut.

step 2

Step: 3

Zoom tool selected. Simple click your Image, You get the result Zoom in (++) your image.

step 3

Step: 4

Then Selected your image and press the keyboard Alt button click the image Zoom out (+-)your image. Now you will customize your favorite size.

step 4

Method 02:

Step 01:

Open Any image in your Adobe illustrator. Select your image and then Right-click your mouse you can see this option.

1 method 2

Step 02:

Then If you click the Zoom In option, you can get easily customize your image Zoom in.

step 2

Step 03:

Or If you also click Zoom Out Option, You can easily customize your image Zoom Out.

step m2 3

Method 03:

The same process Open your Adobe illustrator. And Click The View menu then You will find the Zoom In and Zoom Out Option. Click the Mark option you can easily Costume size your Zoom in or Zoom Out, Thanks.

Method 03


If you follow the 3 Methods You can easily zoom out or Zoom in from illustrator. I hope you will get your perfect solution here in this blog post. Thank you For reading this blog post.

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