iPhone 7 Plus Camera Stand

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Are you looking for iPhone 7 plus camera stand? We’ve added new information to our article that will allow you to purchase a good quality tripod for yourself. Have you ever thought about buying one? Let’s find out some of them together.

iPhone 7 plus camera stand

Taking pictures with an iPhone 7 plus camera or smartphone is certainly a pleasure. And often it is also very practical and comfortable in different situations. But sometimes a tripod or tripod is necessary to improve your photography.

When you begin to appreciate the quality of photos especially for high-end phone models, and to use these devices more intensely for photos and videos, maybe some accessories can be useful in certain situations.

Below you will have a series of tripods to take pictures or record videos, some of which have been among the best known in the market for years, and others are cheap alternatives if you want to spend even less.

The emphasis is always on portability and ease of use, just to stay in line with the smartphone-style and philosophy.

Joby GripTight Micro Stand Mini Tripod for iPhone 7 plus

The GripTight Micro Stand is truly a small tripod with a simple length of 8cm and which can accommodate iPhone 7 plus smartphones from 54 to 72mm wide.

A small sphere allows you to rotate it by an angle of 36 ° and can be very useful in various situations and if you have little desire to load other larger and more bulky accessories. In fact, folding it back on itself it becomes practically as big as a car key.

If you want to buy this small GripTight Micro Stand by Joby, you can find it at a discounted price of just over $30.

Studio Neat Glif support

The Studio Neat Glif tripod is more of an accessory that gives you the possibility to insert your smartphone inside and screw it onto a series of other standard mount tripods that you already own. Or that you could buy for multiple situations and needs.

The support, in addition to supporting devices from 58.4mm to 86.4mm. It can also be used as independent support, obviously with the limits of the angle itself supported. You can buy tripod Studio Neat GLIF at a price of around 40 dollars.

Mini Stand Kenu Stance

The Kenu Stance is a very small stand that allows you to keep an iPhone, Android, and Windows phone in a stable and solid position, despite its minute size.

Its weight is only 34 grams and gives you the possibility to keep the phone in a vertical position. Or at a horizontal angle more suitable for reading and playing, or of course, scrolling through photographs and watching videos.

In case of need, it also acts as a bottle opener, just like that. You can buy the Kenu Stance for your phone, at a price of around 30 dollars. That’s it for today, next time tell you more.


Tripod is an important tool for photography and video. You can choose any Tripods of the above if you want. We hope you like our article. If you like it, please let us know your valuable comment. Thank you.

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