How to put a camera on a tripod-[ Easy step by step Guide]

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Tripod is a must-have accessory for photographers. In this guide, I will explain how to put a camera on a tripod? Mounting the tripod is key in the final result of your photo so if you expect a certain result, that is, you have a composition in mind. You have to plan and mount it according to that composition.

Now you can also know that how to mount a camera on a tripod? What do you want to photograph, at what distance, and at what height? Do you have the composition of your photo in mind?

How to put a camera on a tripod?

You can do some small tests yourself without the tripod to see where it could be the most recommended place to place it according to the composition you want. Then follow the instructions below to mount the tripod:

  • Start by putting one of the legs towards what you want to photograph in such a way that you stay comfortably between the other two.
  • Then extend the tops of all the legs first as these are more stable than the bottoms. If you need more height, extend the other parts.
  • Also extend the central column, if you see it necessary. Although the camera is more stable without it. If you see that it is moving or there is a lot of wind, you can hang a bag on the hanger that is at the bottom of this column.

2nd step

  • Once you have the base, look at the top of the tripod for its leveler to see if it is completely level.
  • Most bring a system with a ball that if it is in the middle tells us that the tripod is well leveled but if it is towards the sides it is. Because either the ground is uneven or there is a leg that is shorter than the other. So you can do two things: move it or adjust the legs.
  • When you have it in place it is time to place the camera. As I have mentioned before it is very important that you are in a place where it does not move. Because you would run the risk of spoiling all your photos. To analyze the terrain well and if necessary put some weight.
  • To put the camera you have to pull a pin that is at the top of the tripod. A piece that is like a shoe will come out. That shoe is screwed into the base of the camera and voila, it only remains to fit it back into place with the camera on.

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Once you have the camera, check the leveler again and that everything is in place. When you are taking long exposure photos remember not to touch the camera or touch the tripod as any movement can spoil the photo.

I believe and hope the guide is clear. If you like our article, please share it with your friends. If you have any questions after reading this article, please let us know in the comments.

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