Tripod for Samsung s20 Ultra

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Hello dear, you will be glad to know that we’ve added new information to our article about the best tripod for the Samsung s20 ultra. This information will allow you to purchase a good-quality tripod. Here are the three Tripods in this article that you will like. You can choose any one of them.

UBeesize 67” Samsung s20 ultra Tripod

The UBeesize 67” Flex accessory is an interesting option that allows you to have flexible legs. It can be adjusted in several different situations. The stand is adaptable to most smartphones and is supplied in two separate parts. The upper part called Mount and which can also be adapted to other stands.

Therefore, in the case of having a wider smartphone. It will be sufficient to purchase the Mount XL extension.

The UBeesize 67” tripod is available both alone and with a smartphone adapter, removable allowing the tripod to be used with other devices as well. You can buy it at a discounted price of around $24 .

Fugetek 51″

Fugetek 51″ tripod is a stand with flexible legs that is truly versatile, manipulable and which also offers various models for various solutions.

The detachable upper part fits most smartphones from 54 to 72mm and the legs can be brilliantly rotated 360°.

Various versions of this particular Joby easel are available, including magnetic ones to attach it to metal supports, and of different sizes. Depending on the model you may be interested in, prices start at a discounted price of $17.

Manfrotto Tripod

Manfrotto Tripod is known for making very affordable smartphone accessories and this Rollei Monkey Pod tripod is no exception.

With a weight of only 160 grams, you will have a capacity of 1Kg. You will be able to use super-articulated legs. There is now one of the best options to place your phone where you prefer.

The tripod can be used both with a standard adapter camera and with a smartphone using the special accessory connected. For the Manfrotto Tripod, you’ll get a price of around $22. The smartphone accessory if you don’t already own one, for a total price of around $28.

Your Favorite Tripod?

If you, like me, like to take your photographs with a smartphone, then you will certainly appreciate the possibility of being able to use a tripod that is adaptable to your phone and practical to carry around on some occasions.

Do you already have your own preference? Have you used other tripods or do you know of new ones? If you like, you can write it in the comments so as to offer new possibilities to other fans.

Now all you have to do is choose your favorite tripod!


If you want to know more about any new Tripod you can tell us by commenting. We will let you know about that triple in the next article. You can choose any tripod for the Samsung s20 ultra of the above if you want. We hope you like our article. If you like it, please let us know your valuable comment. Thank you.

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