What is the Moon Symbol on iPhone

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The Moon symbol on the iPhone goes hand in hand with the Mute, but it has a very different function. Here’s “What is the moon symbol on iPhone?” When to use it, and how to set exceptions for your most important contacts.

What is the moon symbol on iPhone?

The iPhone Control Center moon symbol appears when you place your finger at the bottom of the display and swipe upwards. The trick to always do this is to place your finger just below the display: in this way, you will never go wrong.

There you will find several symbols, including that of the bell and the moon:

  • The moon instead corresponds to Do Not Disturb. In this case, iPhone and iPad suppress any warning, notification, or call. If someone calls you, no warning will appear, neither sound nor on the display. If you want, you can limit Do Not Disturb to certain contacts or activate and deactivate it automatically at certain times (useful when you are at school, or in the office). The only exception is the alarm clock: it rings anyway, even with Do Not Disturb active.
  • The bell is equivalent to Mute: in other words, the phone will not ring when calls, SMS, or notifications arrive, but will vibrate (if you have activated the vibration) and show alerts on the display.

You can resort to it at any time; or you can program a specific period of time during which you will not receive any message, phone call, or notification, but beware. All this will not be lost at all, of course! On the contrary, it will be stored in the Notification Center.

And you can always have at your fingertips what happened (who called you, what notifications arrived, etc). That’s right: it’s a very useful feature, and now we’re going to see how “Do Not Disturb” can be useful to us.

Activation / Deactivation Moon symbol (Do Not Disturb)

To turn Do Not Disturb on or off, change the position of the switch in Settings> Do Not Disturb.

Program Do Not Disturb

If you periodically go to places where you do not want to receive calls, such as at the university or at work. You can set your iPhone to activate and deactivate Do Not Disturb automatically, based on the time. To schedule a specific time, just open Settings> Do Not Disturb, select Scheduled and set the times you want.

There are several ways this feature works:

Always: When you choose this option, Do Not Disturb is active whether your phone is locked or if you have unlocked it and are using it.

  • While iPhone is locked: In this other case, Do Not Disturb turns off momentarily, as long as you are using the device.
  • Allow calls: This allows you to decide which contacts can bypass Do Not Disturb. This is where the really important contacts or groups go. Even with this function activated, you can allow calls from everyone. Or from none, or from your Favorite contacts, or from specific contact groups.
  • Repeat Calls: If someone calls you twice in a row (so it was probably an important call), the second call will ring despite the Do Not Disturb. When you have activated this feature, choose this option. If someone calls you twice within three minutes, the second call will not be in silent mode (therefore: the iPhone will ring).
  • Sleep mode: If enabled, your device’s lock screen will be dimmed, the call audio will be muted, and notifications will be displayed in the Notification Center until the time you set Do Not Disturb to be turned off. As already mentioned, nothing that happens (notifications, messages, or calls) will ever be lost.
  • Quiet: It has two options: “Always”; and “While iPhone is locked”. The first to set the silent mode for calls and notifications: always. The second instead only when the device is locked.

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How to use Do Not Disturb on your iPhone?

How to use Do Not Disturb on your iPhone

Notifications, calls, messages are not always a good and right thing; sometimes a little quiet is preferred.
Fortunately, iOS has long been offering its users the “Do Not Disturb” function. But: do you really know how to use it? Do you know how to use it?

If you don’t know, maybe because you just bought an iPhone ( maybe Refurbished ?), You’ve come to the right place. Because in this article we will show you how to use the do not disturb feature on iPhone and iPad.

The fastest way to activate the “Do Not Disturb” function is to contact the Control Center. If you have an iPhone older than the iPhone X it will be sufficient to swipe from bottom to top.

If, on the other hand, you have an iPhone X, or later: scroll down but starting from the top right corner of the screen.

You are now inside the Control Center. You will see an icon representing the moon: that is the “Do Not Disturb” feature. It only takes a touch for it to be activated instantly.

Once activated, at the top of the screen, on the right, there will be a moon icon to remind you that you have activated “Do not disturb”.

To turn off Do Not Disturb: Open Control Center and tap the moon icon again.

However, its usefulness does not end there. We have seen how to activate Do Not Disturb on an iPhone (it works the same on an iPad too).

But it is also possible to make it active only at certain times. So, we can program the activation of the Do Not Disturb function: in what way?

How to program Do Not Disturb?

In fact, if you don’t want to be disturbed at a certain time, iOS allows you to program the Do Not Disturb function. Now we will see how to do it.

Tap Settings> Do Not Disturb. At this point, you just have to activate “Scheduled” and set a time. This is already interesting, of course, but at this point, the function offers a series of “extras” that make it more useful and flexible.


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